quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

O perú and the ring of fire

McDonald's, McDonald's! Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut!
Who's the Jack?
Aaaaaahh, you have to drink!
Are there any mates yet? Who? The girl with the blonde hair and the dude with a red spot on his forehead.
Do you have my lighter? NO! Aaaah, you have to drink!
DANKE!! Knock knock!
What is your name again?
You have to swallow the beverage!
You looked in my eyes..
Where's the Safari?
Where's the Coke?
Where's the Vodka?
Where's the wine?
Where's the Whiskey?
I need a fill-up!
We like to do it hard! HUH!
What Da Heeeeell!
A new rule!
No one can say names from now on.
Hey you with the shiny little top, you said the forbidden word, you have to swallow!
No laughing allowed!
Portuguese Cities.. Errrr.. DANKE! Knock knock.
You're my mate!
Thank you for messing up so many times..
Never have I ever licked someone's ass.
OMG that thing looks disgusting..
Noooo I don't want to talk about herpes!

See you all next summer.

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